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I've been visiting this website since the beginning of middle school, when I just decided I wanted to study and live abroad and was becoming more and more interested in literature and movies outside of China, such as MCU comics and movies, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. I was also introduced about fanarts and fanfiction by one of my friend, and I gradually began to enjoy reading them very much during my leisure time. When I realized I run out of all the fanfictions written in Chinese, I discovered AO3 one day. Back then, I felt a little bit reluctant and afraid to read in English, since my English Level was not that great, but then I decided that I must overcome the language barrier someday and reading English fanfictions seemed like a excellent way to improve my English fluency while I'm actually enjoying the process.

At first it was rough; I need to check the translator in my phone very frequently. However, over time, with my experience and study in QISS and some outside learning experience, now I can fully enjoy reading what I'm passionate for in another language. Some of the works that I encountered over the last few years are really epic and well written, which largely influenced my creativity and my writing style in a positive way.

I'm just gonna throw some memes up here so you can get a feel of my love for fanfic:

fanfic meme fanfic meme

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